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Australia (994)

aboriginal adoption affairs africa al annual antarctic antigua archive arts asia australia australian australis bank bbc broadcasting budget bureau cambridge canada canberra capita capital carbon census christmas cities claimed climate coast cocos colonial colonies colony commission commonwealth compulsory conservation constitutional continent convict corporation council cuisine cultural culture cup current currently davison defence desert dictionary diversity dutch economic economist economy ecoregions election electoral environment environmental estimated european exchange external feature features federation film financial flinders formally forum foundation founded france fund funding gdp geography geoscience global government grand health herald heritage highest hirst houses immigrant immigration indian indigenous influenced institute intelligence islands japan journal kilometre kingdom kitts landscape languages largest legislation legislative liberal library listed macintyre macquarie mainland mcculloch media melbourne meteorology migration minister minor monarchy museum national netherlands news norfolk northern nsw numerous ocean oecd official olympic operations organisation original ownership oxford oz pacific painting papua parliament parliamentary performance performing politics popular portal powers primary prime protected protection qld queen queensland rainfall rank ranked ranking realm recorded reform regional regions relations release represented republic reserve resources retrieved role royal rudd rugby saint savanna sea senate settlement smith solomon southeast species spoken sport sports st statistics statute strait successful sydney tasmania television teo terra terrestrial territories territory tertiary theatre tied ties timor torres trade tropical unesco united upper vic victoria vincent voting voyage wales war water website westminster wildlife zealand zone

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