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Atlantic Ocean Islands (997)

abyssal adjacent africa americas ancient antarctic aphotic arctic atlantic atlas atmospheric atoll bahasa baltic bank barrier basa basin bay beach biology bodies bottom brazil cape caribbean caspian challenger china circulation climate coast coastal coasts commons connected content continent continental continents coral covers cross current currents davis debris deepest definition denmark deposits depth desert disclaimers discovered discussion divided divisions eastern economy edition environment equator ethiopic european evaporation examples exploration extends external features fish flight formed geography gibraltar global glow greek greenland guinea gulf gyre heat hurricanes hydrographic ice iceland indian inland internal irish islands islet kara kilometres labrador lake lakes landforms latitudes lie limit liquid map marginal mariana marine maritime maximum mediterranean metres mexico modified mountain national navigation northern norwegian numerous occupies occur ocean oceanic oceanography oceans pacific path pelagic percent physical planet plate polar pollution portal primary principal reaches reef region regions represent resource retrieved ridge rise salinity salt sand sargasso scientist sea seamount search seas separates shelves solar source southeast st strait submarine supercontinent surrounded tectonic temperatures text thermohaline tidal tide titan transatlantic trench tropical typically underwater united volcanic warm water waters wave weather wind winds zone

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