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Argentina (982)

agricultural aires alberto andean andes antarctic antarctica architecture argentina argentine argentines argentinian argentino armed atlantic autonomous avenue bands bank basketball beach bird birth bolivia border borges brazil broadcasting bue buenos campaign capita capital carlos catholic caused cavallo census chamber chile cia cinema cities claims classical climate coast confederation constitution continental contributed corrientes corruption coup created creating crisis cristina cruz culture current currently currents deaths debt decade declared decline defeated del demographic descent disease domestic domingo eastern economic economies economist economy eduardo el elected elections empire en enacted energy entre estero estimated ethnography european event executive extended extensive external factbook falkland fe festival film financial folk football foundation france francisco frondizi fuego gdp geography georgia global government governor gran grande grew health helped highest highly historical historically holidays illegal immigrant immigration includes income independence independent indigenous inflation infrastructure inhabitants investment islands islas italian jewish jorge juan jujuy julio junta kingdom kirchner lake languages largest las latin legislative levels los lowest luis majority mar mate measure media mendoza menem metropolitan ministry monetary mortality mountain nacional national news nuclear numerous obras official officially oxford pampa paraguay patagonia permanent peronist peru peso plants plata players policies politics popular populated primary prize productions project prominent province provincial publishing rail railway ranking region regions regulation republic retrieved revolution rich rivers roberto rock rosario royalist rule rural salta san sandwich santa santiago sarmiento science score sea secondary sector settled slaves social source spain spanish species spoken sport sports station studies style subtropical supreme survey tango team teatro technology television territories theater tierra todo tourism trade traditional transportation treaty trees trend united universities uruguay variety venezuela vice viceroyalty war water wind wine winter won worldwide writer youth

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