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Arctic Islands and Antarctica (998)

africa alaska algae ancient animal annual annually antarctic antarctica apply archipelago arctic argentine asia assessment atlantic atmosphere atmospheric atoll australia australian australis bahasa barrier basa base bbc beach bear believed bellingshausen beneath bering birds bridge california canada canadian captain centuries chile chilean chukchi circle circumpolar claim climate cnn coastal colder coldest commonly commons concentration concerns content continent continental continents convention cooling cooperation coral council covering covers culture current currently currents decade decrease defined definition denmark depletion desert deserts dictionary dinosaur discovered division dorset dry eastern economic economy ecosystem edit elevation elisabeth emperor energy environment environmental era erebus eruption event examples expedition exploration explorer external extreme fauna featured features flora formally formation formed foundation geographic geography geological geologically geology geopolitics georgia glacial glacier global gondwana government greenland grytviken hemisphere historical hole ice illegal ilulissat impact includes indian indigenous inhabitants institute interior islands issues jacobsen kingdom lake largest latitude layer levels library lichens lie location loss mammals manager map marine melted melting meteorite methane mineral mining model modified mosses mount mountain named nasa national navigation navy news noaa northern northwest norway norwegian occurred ocean oceania oceanic oceans official offshore organism outflow oxford ozone pacific painted patagonian penguin peninsula peoples periods permanent places plants plate polar pole politics pollution portal portion precipitation princess programme protection protocol radiation raised random reach recorded reef region regions regulation relative release remained researchers reserved resource retrieved rise rock rocks ross route russia russian sandy satellite science scientific scientist scott sea seal sealer seals search seas secretariat security shackleton sheet shelf shelves ship ships shrinkage snow snowfall solar southernmost species station stations strait studies supercontinent surrounded survey temperatures territorial territories territory text tourism transantarctic transport treaty tropical typically united updated version victoria volcanic volcano von vostok warming water weddell whales whaling wildlife winds winter zealand zone

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