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Organizations in North America (061)

aboriginal abortion abstract accounts actions active adult aerospace affairs afghanistan africa african aged agency agreement agriculture airport al alaska alberta amendment americans americas ancestry angeles annual antigua appointed archived archives arctic armed artist artistic arts asia asian assembly associated atlantic atlas attitudes australia authority autonomy awards bahasa bank baseball basketball battle bilingualism billion birth books border borders boston britain broadcasting budget bureau bush cabinet caicos california canada canadian cape capita capital caribbean cartier cayman ceded census centers centre charter chicago china chinese cia citations cities citizen civil civilization classical climate coalition coast coastal code collective colonial colonies colonization colony columbia combined command commercial committees commonly commons commonwealth communication communities compared competitiveness complex concept confederation conference conflict conservative constitution constitutional contact contemporary contents context contiguous continental continue contribution cooperation corporation council courts created creation crime criminal crisis crown cuisine cultural culture cultures current currently czech da deaths debt decade decisions declaration declared defence deficit defined definition demand democracy democratic demographic density dependencies depression dept derived desmond despite destiny diplomatic discussion disease distinct distinctive division dollar domestic dominion drug duties eastern ecology economic economics economist economy el elected election emerged emergent empire ended energy enforcement environment environmental era estimated estimates ethnic etymology european events evolution exchange executive expansion expenditures expert explored external extreme factbook federalism federation film financial flag flow football forest formal forum foundation founded founding france freedoms fund fur games gas gdp gehry geography georgia german germany global goal gold goods governance government governments governor greatly gross guam guard guide gulf health heritage hierarchies hierarchy highest highly hill hispanic historical hockey hollywood homeland household hybrid identify identity immigrants immigration incarceration included includes income independence india indian indigenous indonesia industrial inequality influenced informal inhabitants innovation institute institution institutions insurance intelligence interaction interior internet inventions iraq islands issues italian italy japan japanese johnson joined journal judge judicial juries jury justice kingdom kitts korea korean lake landing landscape languages largest laws leader leadership leading league legal legislative legislature levels liberal liberty library london longest los louisiana loyalist mainland majority management mandate manitoba manufacturing map maple maps matrix mcclelland medal media median membership metro metropolitan mexico minister minorities minority missions mobility model modified monarchy montreal morton mount mountain mounted msa museum musical names national nationalism nationmaster native nato navigation navy net netherland network newfoundland news nobel northeast northern northwest norway nova nuclear nunavut obama objective occur ocean official officially oil older olympic ontario operate operates oregon organisation organizational organizations organized organizing origin original ottawa oxford pacific park parliament parliamentary participation parties passenger peacekeeping penalty peoples perception performance permanent personnel perspective petroleum pew philosophy pierre plain plants played policies politics pop popular populations portal possesses poverty powers practice prairie presidential previous primary prime prince printer prison prize procedure produced producer product professional project projects prompted protection province provincial publication publishing puerto quarterly quebec queen ranked ranking ranks rates recognized refer referred reflected reform region regional regions relations relationship representation representative republic republican reserve resident resource responsibilities responsible retrieved review revolution revolutionary rico rights rise rocky role routine royal rule rules rush russia saint saskatchewan satellite saudi science scientific scotia search seats sector security senate serve settled settlement settlers sex share site slave slavery slaves smith social sociology source southwest sovereign sovereignty soviet spanish species spending split spoken sport sports spurred st standards statistical statistics status statute steven stewart stories structure structures studies subsequent substantial successful supreme survey symbols team technological technology television territorial territories territory texas text thirteen toronto trade traditions transportation travel treaties treaty trend trinidad troops turks unemployment united units upper urban usa usage vancouver variety vehicle version victoria victory vietnam village vincent virgin visible visual volcanic volcanoes vote voting war wars wave wealth web website welfare westminster windsor winner winter won worth wright writers yale

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