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Organizations in Eastern Europe; in Russia (067)

academy accepted access achieved achievements achieving actions actual administrative affairs africa agency ages agriculture aimed aircraft aleksandr alexander alliance allied allies ancient andrei animal animation anthem antiquity anton apart applied apply appointed apr arc architect architectural architecture arctic armed artist artists arts asia asian assembly asset associated ast atlantic austria author authority autonomous autonomy azov bahasa ballet baltic baltica bank banya barents basa basin basketball battle bbc bc bear berlin birch bird birth bodies bolshevik bookdownload books border bordering borders boris bosnia boundary britain britannica broad broke budget buildings bulk byzantine byzantium cambridge capita capital caspian cathedral catholic caucasus caused census centers centre centuries champions championship channel chapter chechen china christianity churches cia cinema cis citations cite cities citizens civil civilian civilization classical climate coalition coast coat code collapse collective columbia combined committees commonly commons commonwealth communication communism communist communities compared competition completed complex composer concept conflict connection conquest conservative constantinople constitute constitution constitutional contact content context continent continental continents continues contrast contributing contributions controlled cooperation corporation cossack council created creation creative crimean crisis cuisine cultural culture current currently cyprus czech czechoslovakia deaths debt dec decade decisions declared decline declined declining defeat defined definition democracy democratic demographic denmark density depression derived despite destination destruction details deutsch dictionary director disclaimers discovered discussion disease diverse divided division dmitry domain dominance dominant dominated don donate doubled duchy duma dynasty earliest eastern economic economics economies economy elected election emerged emergent emigration emperor emphasis empire encarta encyclopaedia ends energy enforce enlightenment enormous entente entered entities entry epic equal era establishment estimated estimates ethnic etymology eu eurasia eurasian euro europa european eurozone event eventually exist expert exploration exporter external extreme factbook facto fairy famine famous fauna feature features feb federation film financial finland fish flag flourished focused folk football forest forested forests formal formation formed fought founded founder france fully fyodor games gas gdp gehry generation geographer geographic geographical geographically geography geological geology georgia german germanic germans germany global goal gold golden goods government gradually grain grand greatest greece greek greenland grow grown guardian guide gulag gulf habitat handicraft health heavily helped heritage herodotus hierarchies hierarchy highest highly historic historical hitler hockey holiday holy horde huge hungary hybrid ice ilya immigration imperial included includes increasing independence independent indigenous indonesia industrial influenced influential informal infrastructure initially innovation institute institutions integration intelligence interaction internationally internet introduced introduction invaded invasion invented inventions inventors investment ireland iron islam islamic islands italian italy ivan jan japan jewish joined journal jul jump jun juries jury kazakhstan kazan khanate kiev kievan kilometre kingdom konstantin korea krai kremlin lake lands languages largest latin launched laws leader leadership leading league legacy legal legislative lenin leonid lev levels library limited lists lives livestock log lomonosov london macedonia mainland majority male malta management map mar marked massive mathematical mathematician mathematics matrix matryoshka medal media medieval mediterranean medvedev megalithic membership metro microsoft migrant migration mikhail millennium millions mineral minister ministry minorities minority mixed model modified moldova monarchy monetary mongol mongolia monument monuments mortality moscow mount mountainous mountains movements musical muslim names namespaces napoleon national native nato navigation nazi nederlands needing neolithic netherlands network nevsky newly news nicholas nikolai nikolay nizhny nobel nobility nomadic northern notable notes novelist novgorod novosibirsk novosti nuclear objective oblast ocean oceania official officially oil okrug oldest olympic omsk online organisation organizational organizations organized original origins orthodox osce ottoman oxford pacific pact pagan painting parade parliamentary parties patriotic pavel pdfprintable peasant penguin peninsula peoples permanent perspective petersburg philosophy physics physiographically pipeline plague plain planned planted plants played players playing poetry poland policies politics pop popular populations portal portion portrait portugal poverty powerful powers practice predicts prehistoric primary prime princeton principalities produced producer product projects prominent protection protestant publications published publishing pushkin putin pyramid quarter railway random ranking rapid rapidly rates realism recession recognition recognized recorded records reduced refer referred reform reforms region regional regions registered reign relation religions remain remains remote renaissance represented republic reserves resource restrictions retrieved reunification revenue review revival revolution ria rich rifle rights rise rising rival rivers roads rock role roll roman romania rome roughly route routine ruble rule ruled rural russia russian russians saint samara san satellite scandinavia scene science scientific scientist sea search seas security separate separated separating serbia sergei sergey sergius serve settlements sfsr share ship showing siberia siberian simon site slavic slavs smaller social socialist sociology solovyov source southeast sovereign soviet soviets spain species spending split spoken sport sports spread st stalin starting station statistics status steppe strategic stream structure structures struggle studies style subdivisions subjects success successes successful successor suffered superpower supplier supreme surrounding survey svenska sweden symbol symbols taiga takes tales tank task tatar team technique technology television temperatures tension territories territory text theories tolstoy toolbox tools tourism tourist trade trademark tradition traditional traditionally traditions transcontinental transport transportation treaty tree tribes troops tsar tsardom tundra turkey turkic tv ukraine ukrainian ultimately unemployment unesco unique united upland upload uprising ural urban ussr variant variety vasily vast vatican version victory vienna views visual vladimir volga war warm wars warsaw water waterway wave weakened wealth weapons widespread wigen winning winter won worker worldwide writer yaroslavl yekaterinburg yeltsin zone

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