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Organizations in British Isles; in England (062)

British British British England Isles Isles
actions acts administrative africa ages airport albion alternative ancient angles apply archaeology architect architecture archived arrangement arrived artefact artist artists arts ashes associated atlantic authorities authority authors bahasa bath battle bbc birmingham bookdownload books bristol britain britannica britons bronze brythonic buildings cambridge canada canterbury capita castle cathedral catholic celtic centuries championship channel christianity citations cite cities civil claim classical client climate coast coat cole collection collective committees commons commonwealth competition concept conquest constitutional consumed contact contemporary content context continental continue conurbations cornish corporation council counties created creative cricket cross crown cuisine culture cup current dance debate decide decisions dependencies derived despite details devolution devolved dictionary died disclaimers discussion districts divided division donate earliest economic economics economy election elizabethan emergent emphasis empire engineering entity era estimate ethnic etymology european event examples expert external fafinski featured features featuring file financial flag folk folklore football formal foundation founded france funded games gehry geography germanic goal gothic governance government guide headed health heritage hierarchies hierarchy highest hills historic historical hood host hybrid includes independent industrial influential informal innovation instance institutions interaction internal introduced introduction invasion ireland irish iron islands isle isles jump juries jury key king kingdom kings koch labour lake landscape languages largest latin leader leadership league learning leeds legal legislation library lists littlefield liverpool log london lord mail majority management manchester maritime matrix medieval metropolitan michigan midland mild minority model modified monarch monarchy museum namespaces national navigation network newcastle news nhs northern notes nottingham numerous oak ocean official oldest oppenheimer organizational organizations original originally originating origins oxford painting palace parliament parliamentary patron pennine permanent pie planned plantagenet poet poetry politics popular portal pound practice prehistoric primary prime prison privacy prominent publishing queen rail random referendum referred regarded regional regions registered renaissance republic responsible retrieved revolution rise rivers rock roger role roman romans routine routledge rowman royal rugby saint science scotland scottish sea search seat sector settled sheffield site skills social sociology sovereign spoken sport sports st stadium standards statistics stonehenge stories structure studies style subdivision suggests supreme symbol symbols tales task taylor team telegraph tennis territories text thames theories throne tourism tower towns trade traditional transport travel tribe tudor uk united universities unofficial upload urban version victory views virgin vote wales war wars water waterway welsh westminster wider won wood yorkist yorkshire

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