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Newspapers in central Europe; in Germany (073)

accepted active ad adherents administrative advertiser advertising affairs africa ages alliance allied allowed alpine alternative americas amsterdam ancient angela animal annual antiquity apply architecture archived arctic artists asia asian atlantic atlas austria bahasa balkan baltic baltica bank basa base battle bavaria bavarian bbc bc beer belgium berlin biggest billion biodiversity bird birth bloc bodies bonn books border bordering borders bosnia boundaries boundary brands britain britannica broad broadcaster broadsheet broke bulletin bundesrepublik bundestag bundeswehr bureau cambridge canada capita capital caspian catholic caucasus caused celtic census centre centuries championship chancellor channel china christianity cia cinema circulation cities citizen classical classified climate coast colonies columbia commission commonly commons communication communist complex comprehensive concise confederation conflict connection constitution constitutional consumption contact content continent continental continents continue controlled convention copies corporation council cover crown cuisine cultural culture cup currency current currently cyprus czech czechoslovakia da danish danube das dated debt decade declared decline declining deer defeat defence defined definition democracy democratic demographic denmark density depression der derived designated details deutsche deutsches deutschland dictionary die digital distributed distribution divided division dominated don driver dynasty eastern economic economics economies economy edition editions editor editorial editors elected emigration emission emperor empire energy era establishment estimated estimates ethnic eu eurasia euro europa european events eventually exchange executive exist express expressed external factbook facto factor facts famine famous fauna featured features fell female festival file film financial finland flag focus football forest forested forests format formation formed formula foundation founded founding framework france frankfurt friedrich frisian games gay gazette gdp geographic geographical geography geological geology georgia german germania germanic germans germany global globe goal golden gottfried government graphic greece greek greenland grundgesetz guardian guide gulf habitat hamburg helped herodotus hesse highest historical historically historisches hitler holocaust holy household hungary ice iceland immigrant immigration impact imperial included includes increasing increasingly independence independent india indonesia industrial influenced infrastructure innovation institute institution integration intellectual interaction internet ireland iron islam islands italian italy japan jewish johann johannes joined journal journalism journalists jurisdiction justice king kingdom lands languages largest latest latin leader leading league legal legislation legislative liberal library lies limited located london luxembourg macedonia magazine mainland majority malta map mark marked measures meat medal media medieval mediterranean megalithic merkel metropolitan migrant migration minister ministry minorities minority miracle mixed model moldova monarchy mountainous mountains movements movie munich museum muslim napoleon national nato navigation nazi neighbouring neolithic netherlands network news newspaper newspapers newsprint nicosia nobel nobility northern notes nuclear numerous occupation ocean offer official officially oldest olympic online opening opinion organisation original origins orthodox ostpolitik ottoman owned oxford pact papers park parliament parliamentary partly peacekeeping penguin peninsula peoples perceived percent permanent pg philosophy physical physiographically places plague plain played poland policies politics poll popular populations portal portion portugal powers primary prince print printed printing prize produced protected protection protestant prussia publication published publisher publishing quarter ranked ranking rapidly rates reader recession recognised records reduced refer referred reform reformation reforms region regional regions registered reich relation remain remained renaissance renewable reporter republic require resources responsible restaurants restriction retrieved reunification revenue review revolution rhine rights rise rivers role roman romania rome roughly rule russia russian saar saarland san saxony scandinavia science scientific sea search secondary sector security sell serbia serve shape share site slavic smaller social soldiers sorbian source sovereign soviet spain spanish species spiegel split spoken sport spread st standards starting statistics status stories stream structure studies style subscription successful sunday surrounding survey sweden switzerland taiga target technology television temperate tend tension territories territory text threat title trade traditional transcontinental travel treaty tree trend tribes tribune troops turkey turkish typically uk und unemployment unification unified united universities upper ural valley variant varieties variety vast vatican versailles version vienna vocational von war warm wars warsaw water wealth web website weekly weimar welle werner widespread wigen wild wilhelm wind winter won workers worldwide writers yellow zone zoned zones

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