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Encyclopedias in French, Occitan and Catalan (034)

Encyclopedias Encyclopedias
abadia ages agir al amb ancient apply aragon aranese arnaut arts authors auvernhat bahasa basque bec bibliography bon bookdownload books borough britannica cabra cantar caplletra catalan catalonia cau centuries chambers changed characteristic china chinese choix chosen cierbide cite classical classification coll commons comparison compendium compiled comprehensive concept contact content created creative criteria cultural culturas culture current cyclopaedia dans debate declined denis des detail deutsch di dialect dialects diasystem dictionaries dictionary dictionnaire diderot differences dignitat disclaimers discussion dominant donate dotadas drech dreit du dynasty eastern edit edition egala elas elder electronic en encarta encyclopaedia encyclopedias encyclopedic entre entries errors esperit events exist external feature featured features file filologia format formatge foundation fradre frairesa france gascon georg grammaire greek hierarchical histoire historia historical historically ieu il illustrations images included institut interaction internacional internal interuniversitari issued italian italiano italy jump juste kings kremnitz languages langue langues largest las latin lemosin lenga lengadocian lengua les lexicography lexicon li library libre ligurian linguistic literary liuras lo log lor los martinena media medieval mistralian modified monaco naisson names namespaces national native navarre navigation norm northern notable notes noun oc occitan occitane occitania occitans occur offer official oldest online origin originales orthography oxford paris partial pdfprintable permanent perseus personas phrase pierre pliny popular portal portuguese presses printed privacy project pronunciation publication published publishing quotes random rason raynouard reader records refer reference referred region regional regions registered renaissance retrieved revista revolution ricardo rights roman romance science sciences scientific scope search separate si site song soun source spain spanish speakers spelling spoken standardisation status stress structure subdialect supradialectal syllable synonymous systematic text title toolbox tools totas translation troubadour united universal upload usage users valley variant varieties variety version views vivaroalpenc volumes vos vowel

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