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Books Notable for Ownership or Origin (097)

abstracts actions advantage ages album ancient antiquity apply assets author authors avrin benefit binding blank block bookbinding bookdownload bookmark books bookstore bound buildings cambridge centuries chattel check china chinese cite classification code codex collection collective comic commercial commonly commons companies computers concept condominium contact content cooperative copies copyright corporations cover created creation creative culture current depending derived details deutsch dictionary digital disclaimers discussion distinguish donate dynasty edge edit electronic endpaper entities entity estate etymology event examples exclusive exist existed expensive fiction file financial foil fold folded folio format foundation games gathered glued gold government gripped gutenberg holder immovable individuals industrial ink intellectual intended interaction internal involve ip islamic issues journal jump jurisdiction languages latin laws leaf leather leaves legal liability libraries library limited lists location log machine magazine manufacturing manuscript media medieval metal modified monks movable movie mutual myth namespaces native navigation notes novel novels object occur offset operate origin original origins owned owner ownership owning paperback papers papyrus parchment pass patent pdfprintable plate popular portal pressed presses print printed printer printing privacy produce produced professional protected publication publicly published publisher publishing pulp purchase purposes quantities reader refer reference registered regulations relation retrieved rights roller roman root rules science scribe script scroll search separate sewing shares sharing sheet sides signature sizes slavery smaller social societies source spine spoilage spread stack standards stored stories structure structured tall technique technological technology text texts title tools trade trademark typesetting typically united universe upload variant version video views water wax width wood

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