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Vocal music (782)

Vocal Vocal Vocal
acoustic acoustics advanced african amateur anatomy ancient arts asia asian aspect associated bands baroque bass blues bris cage callas carey cd chinese choirs classical cognition communication complex composed composer composition computer concert content cord created creation culture dance deaf defined definition degrees detail dictionary digital dion disorder distinction du earliest emotional ensemble entertainment era ethnomusicology european eve evolution examples expressive extends external file fold folk foundation genre gesture gonzague greece greek guitar harmony highly improvisation improvised indian indicates instrument instrumental instruments internet interpretation intonation jazz journal key keyboard laryngeal larynx learn learning lesson listening livre lung lyric master media medicine medium melancholy melody mental michel muscle musical musician musicology navigation nidel notated notation notes occur octave online orchestra ou oxford perform performance performed performer performing phonation phonetic phonetics physical physiology pitch pitches played player popular portal practice produce produced producing professional project qualities random ranging recorded recording referred register registers resonation rhythm rock role ruggieri saint scale scholar science score search setting singer singing social sociology solo song songs sounds source speech spoken string stringed structure studying style styles sumac takes talking taught technique texture theatre therapy timbre titze tone tract tradition traditional traditions typically united variety vibration vibratory video vocal voiceless voices youtube

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