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Plastic Arts; Sculpture (730)

Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
abstract abstraction accessed acid aesthetic africa african ages alexander allowed alternative amorphous ancient animal appearance application architect architectural architecture artist artistic artists arts artwork asia asian associated backbone bag bakelite baroque battle biodegradable bisphenol bone bottle brancusi bronze buddha buddhism buddhist buildings bulk carved carving cast casting ceramic chain characteristic chemical chemically chicago china chinese chloride cite classical classicism clay collection colour combination commercial commonly commons component composition compounds computer conceptual concern construction contact container contemporary contents created creating creative cultural culture cups current dance decorative definition degradation degrade depicted derived describe detail dictionary directions display distinct drama drawing dupont durable dynasty earliest eastern edition egypt electrical empire environment environmental european event examples exemplified expanded expensive exposure external famous features fiber figurative figurine film foam foundation gallery garden gastronomy genres geometric germany gods gothic government greek han health heat heated hellenistic highly hindu historical ice impact includes india indian installation instance interaction invented involve issues italy item ivory jade japan kingdom landscape latin london male mannerist manufacture manufacturing marble materials mechanical metal metals minimalism mixed mobile model modernism modernist modified mold molded molding molecular monomers monumental moore museum national naturalism navigation needing nude nylon object objects organic pablo packaging paint painted painters painting performance performing permanent petroleum phenolic phthalates physical picasso pieces pipe plastic plasticizer plastics plates pole polyamide polycarbonate polyester polyethylene polymer polymers polypropylene polystyrene polyurethane polyvinyl popular portal pottery processes produce produced product project properties pvc qin qualities rain random realism recycling referred refers region relationship renaissance resin resistant retrieved roman rubber sand scale science sculptor sculptural sculpture sculptures search setting shape shapes site skills smith smithson social solid st starch statue steel stone structure style styrene substance surfaces synthetic tang techniques temple terephthalate terracotta text texture theatre thermoplastic thermoset tomb tons tools totem toxic toy trade tradition traditional typically united units variants variety video vinyl visual war water wood wooden

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