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Buildings for religious Purposes (726)

religious religious religious
abrahamic absolute academic accepted actions adherents africa african ancient architecture asia aspects astronomy attitude augustine baltimore belief believed bible books buddhism buddhist buildings campbell category catholic chicago christianity christians code commons concept conflict constructing construction content cosmology creation criticism cultural culture damage defined definition derived dialogue dictionary discussion divine doctrine dubuisson eastern engineering esotericism estate etymology european event evolution examples existence explain explained external fitzgerald folk founded funding gods hindu hinduism historian historical hopkins india indian industrial intellectual intended interfaith interpretation introduction iran irreligion islam islamic israel japan japanese jewish johns journal judaism korean latin literal mahayana medieval movements mysticism myth mythology native navigation notes organizations organized origins orthodoxy oxford philosophies philosophy physical politic portal practice practiced practices prevalent princeton project prophet publishing random reality refer reformation regard relationship religions residential retrieved rights rise ritual roman rooms sacred saint scholar science scientific scientists search secular secularism separate shinto sikhism social source spiritual spirituality structure studies superstition taoism teachings text theories tradition traditional traditions trust ultimate united universal universe urarina usa usage utility worship

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